Arctic Silver Fonna
Arctic Silver Fonna
Arctic Silver Fonna
Arctic Silver Fonna
Arctic Silver Fonna
Arctic Silver Fonna

Arctic Silver Fonna

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FONNA is a high-quality series of rods that is perfect for those who want to enjoy the Free-Flex feeling but at a lower price than the ZENSE series.

To keep the price down, the Fonna rod is made of a carbon fiber mixture, where, in order to maintain an optimal action and rod durability, the blade walls have been made marginally thicker than on the Zense rods.

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FONNA comes in grades #4- #7; where #4 and 5 are perfect for those who like slower and softer presentations; while #6 and #7 with their fast action guarantee long and powerful casts; while having an incredible amount of "feel" thanks to the Free-Flex system.

To keep the price down, the Fonna series is made with a carbon fiber mixture that mainly consists of "40 Ton" charcoal. So to be able to maintain optimal action and rod durability, the thickness of the blade walls has been made marginally thicker and the "roll-in angles" of the various carbon sheets the blade is made from have been optimized.

The flex profiles (how much a rod bends under moderate load) are carefully selected for each FONNA sway bar and ensuring the smoothness of unbroken flex curves has been one of our top priorities. The FONNA fly rod series consists of four high-quality rods that provide outstanding fly fishing at affordable prices.

FONNA's design complements the industrial style of arctic silver's unique handle to perfection. Since the material the rods are made of is only sanded and protected by a transparent matte coating, the carbon fiber color, structure and reinforcements are still visible. It gives the rod a modern and "rough" look.

The deep action makes the rod very sensitive and you feel every movement the fish makes right down to the handle.

The name "Fonna" is named after "Folgefonna", a glacier in Norway, which like so many other glaciers around the world is melting more and more due to global climate change. The small triangular icon on your Fonna rod symbolizes this glacier.

Arctic silver's Fonna rods are equipped with a hollow handle, which allows the blade to flex freely inside the handle. Something Arctic silver calls for free flex. The technology enables you to utilize more of the power potential in the blade and thus throw further with less effort.
The handle is oval shaped, which means you get a stable and comfortable grip. The design also helps make your casts go in a straighter arc. ( On the same principle as a hammer or axe. )

Freer movement gives a freer feeling.

That the blade can move freely inside the handle not only makes the rod more forgiving, it also makes the experience of drilling fish more sensitive. You get better contact with the fish while the rod is not as vulnerable to the fish's sudden shocks and rushes. The freer flex means that the claw is not as exposed to direct stress and the risk of losing a fish is reduced.

Technical details

Arctic silver's rods are built on extremely strong and durable blades, sturdy handles and rings in titanium. To cope with those stresses Free flex- the technology requires, the handle is made of one of the market's most durable carbon-composite materials with considerable strength and low weight. The Free-Flex rod has the latest nano-carbon technology and a Quick-Lock system for the reel.

The Quick-Lock system is CNC-milled aluminum 6061 with a margin of error of +/- 0.05mm. This means that the reel can be easily clicked in and out of the rod and makes the reel sit perfectly in place during the entire fishing trip. All aluminum parts are treated with Hard Anodize which makes them resistant to corrosion and salt water. All snake rings are made of 100% aluminium. Rod and handle are matt black with details in silver.

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