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The story of Baitbox

We started Team Baitbox in 2010, mostly as a way for ourselves to save and look back on our fishing adventures. The reason we started with YouTube wasn't because we wanted to become "YouTubers" but rather it was because we didn't have enough storage space on our hard drives, we didn't have the money to buy new ones and YouTube had free movie storage.

Since then, a lot has happened, YouTube has developed into one of the world's largest social platforms, we have gained a following and an amazing commitment from everyone who watches our videos. Today we can proudly state that "Team Baitbox" is actually one of the biggest Swedish fishing channels on YouTube right now!

Our vision has always been to try to capture the entire experience when filming. Not just the successful attempts and nice drills of fish. Our focus has been on documenting and presenting our trips exactly as we experienced them when we were out. Perhaps it is precisely for that reason that so many also appreciate and recognize themselves in our films, because they are honest and genuine.

Then is there anything better than being out with your best friends, doing what you love most and sharing experiences in the fantastic nature we have in Sweden? Not if you ask us!

Since 2012, we have also manufactured one of Sweden's most popular spoon lures, our very own Baitboxbomb. Simon Ekdahl is the man behind the Baitboxbomb, whose idea sprouted from him always redoing his own lures in one way or another and finally decided to make a new lure model, just the way we wanted it. Since then, the Baitboxbomb has caught countless large fish, it has been noticed in magazines in both Sweden and Norway and the annual collections sell out in seconds.

In addition to films and pull manufacturing, we constantly develop the business and sell our products through our webshop. We have produced caps, t-shirts, mugs, beanies, bait boxes and a lot of other things. We are constantly working on this front and will continue to develop products in-house to expand the web shop, grow the market and offer our customers really good products for sport fishing and outdoors!

Our vision

By sharing our adventures through films and pictures, we wish to spread joy and inspire others to get out themselves and experience all that nature has to offer.

Simon Ekdahl

Simon is often the man behind the camera when Team Baitbox is out on a fishing trip.

He is behind much of the film and editing work done on many of the films we have released on the YouTube channel over the years. In addition to a strong media interest, he also has a burning commitment to product development.

Simon has a Master's degree in interaction design and works on a daily basis with digital product development and UX design. Simply explained, Simon works with user-centred design. This has also meant that he has taken on the role of lead designer in Baitbox and is behind the appearance of many of our own products and our website.

Jens Sankala

On a daily basis, Jens works with building construction, but in Baitbox he is, among other things, a media producer, which means he films and edits. Jens also maintains contact with many of our customers and partners and works actively with business development.

Jens is also a good writer and storyteller. He works actively with the planning of film productions and travel and ensures that plans are realized and carried out in the best possible way.

Andreas Jonsson

Andreas, or yes, the uncle, the doctor, Jonssa, Jone... Who the hell is Jone? Dear child has many names, they say, and we wonder if he is not the dearest.

With a radiance and charisma rarely seen, it's hard to do anything but like Andreas. Over the years, he has become a strong character in Team Baitbox that many appreciate and follow with great commitment through many of our films.

We get you out into nature
then we have succeeded!

Our goal is to inspire more people to get out and experience fishing and nature

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