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The baitbox bomb is sold out 💥


What is the Baitbox Bomb?
The baitbox bomb is our signature move. The bomb is a handmade and Swedish-made spoon lure of 12 grams that is specially developed for fishing for Trout, Trout and Rainbow.

How much does the Baitbox bomb cost?

When will the next collection be released?
The next collection is scheduled to be released in December 2022.

Is the bomb sold out?
Yes. Right now the bomb is sold out...

When was the last collection?
The latest collection was launched on 25 May 2022 at 19:00.

It says "Out of stock" on the website, can I still buy the Bomb?
No, it says "Out of Stock" there are no bombs for sale. Before a bomb drop, it may say "Not in stock", which then means that we have not replenished the stock balance yet.

I was thinking of buying the bomb to resell and earn extra money from your work, is that OK?
It doesn't feel right! The bomb is available in a limited edition and we want to sell to those who buy to fish with the lures. If you buy to resell, we reserve the right to cancel your future purchases and not sell the Bomb to you in the future. More information about it can be found in our Terms and Conditions

Advance bookings and exceptions
We do not take advance bookings and make no exceptions on the baitbox bomb. First come first serve applies to all.

Can I buy the bomb on the "Side of" if I pay more?

My dad turns 50 next week, maybe you have some bombs left over that I can buy?
No, but a big congratulations from us!

Hello, my name is King Carl XVI Gustaf, I would like to pre-book the bomb.
Sorry the king, first come first served applies to all.

How big is the bomb?

The baitbox bomb is 55mm long (without hook) but has a weight of a whopping 12 grams! The relatively high weight, considering the size, means that the bomb can be thrown incredibly far and with minimal air resistance.

The story of the Baitbox bomb

The story began in our teens, when we started getting quite a lot of trout. We often fished with smaller spoon lures as they have many good qualities... but we were never completely satisfied, with either the speed or the appearance of the lures we fished with.

We changed hooks, repainted the lines, put extra spring rings, tweaked with small spinning spoons, eyes and other things. In the end we learned and decided to develop our own move and do it EXACTLY the way we ourselves wanted it.

After many months of hard work and testing back and forth between different models and designs, we came up with a drag model with an optimal casting weight of 12g and fantastic action, that is the model we have chosen to call BOMBS.

And with hindsight, could never have dreamed of how good the result would be! A catch magnet like no other and we've gained many new PBs thanks to the bomb. But don't take our word for it, but listen to everyone else who is also fishing with the bomb and tagging theirs catches on instagram.

The Baitbox bomb is specially developed for fishing for trout char and rainbow trout, but of course works on other species as well.

All Baitboxbombs are handmade and are also manufactured in tin, which means that they are completely lead-free! Good for you and good for the environment! 🌱


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