HÅVN - When Tradition Meets Innovation: Baitbox & Løfstedt Woodcrafts Exclusive Wooden Nets

HÅVN - När Tradition Möter Innovation: Baitbox & Løfstedt Woodcrafts Exklusiva Trähåvar

Hello fishing friends! We have something really special to tell you. Baitbox has teamed up with the masters of wood carving at Løfstedt Woodcraft to bring you something truly unique - a series of exclusive wooden rakes, released in limited editions! We call the project HÅVN

First in this line of quality wooden nets are these two pearls: Storån & Lillån


(Price: SEK 3700)

The long rake, which we have chosen to call Storån, has a longer handle carefully sculpted from walnut.

Storån measures a total of 81 cm from top to bottom. Where the hole for the net measures 47x30 cm

The black net is 35 cm deep, and is designed to safely house your catch and should be able to take fish up to 5 kg without problems.


(Price: SEK 3500)

Next we have the short hoe, Lillån, which showcases a unique blend of walnut and beech. Unlike its big brother, this net has a 28 cm deep net, adapted for fish up to 4 kilos.

Lilån measures a total of 67cm cm from top to bottom. Where the hole for the net measures 47x30 cm

Leather loops net

Both of these nets offer not only elegance and function but also practical details such as a leather loop for hanging, to complement the handle attachment.

Each net comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty against damage that may indicate that the quality does not live up to the promises. And should disaster strike, we offer repairs for a fee, allowing you to fish with peace of mind, knowing your net is up to par.

So if you're looking for that little something extra that can elevate your fishing to new heights, take a look at Baitbox and Løfstedt Woodcraft's new collaboration: HÅVN

But remember, these exclusive wooden nets are only available in limited editions - where you can register your interest to buy the nets, and who finally gets the chance will be drawn.


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