#7 | 9ft | Zense - Medium/Fast

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Class: #7 Action: Medium/Fast
Length: 9’ Linen weight: 16-17 gram
Parts: 4

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A delicate fly rod with a lot of feel and power! The rod offers a medium/firm action and copes with all types of common casting techniques with an extreme compensatory ability. If you are looking for a sensitive rod that can handle power without giving in, then this is the rod for you.

In addition to coastal fishing, this rod performs very well in streams/rivers when fishing with large streamers.

Zense rods are equipped with a hollow handle, which allows the blade to flex freely inside the handle. Something ASI calls for free flex. The technology enables you to utilize more of the power potential in the blade and thus throw further with less effort.
The handle is oval shaped, which means you get a stable and comfortable grip. The design also helps make your casts go in a straighter arc. ( On the same principle as a hammer or axe. )

Freer movement gives a freer feeling.

That the blade can move freely inside the handle not only makes the rod more forgiving, it also makes the experience of drilling fish more delicate. You get better contact with the fish while the rod does not become as vulnerable to the fish's sudden shocks and rushes. The freer flex means that the claw is not as exposed to direct stress and the risk of losing a fish is reduced.

Technical details

Zense rods from ASI are built on extremely strong and durable blades, sturdy handles and rings in titanium. To cope with those stresses Free flex- the technology requires, the handle is made of one of the market's most durable carbon-composite materials with considerable strength and low weight. The Free-Flex rod has the latest nano-carbon technology and a Quick-Lock system for the reel.

The Quick-Lock system is CNC-milled aluminum 6061 with a margin of error of +/- 0.05mm. This means that the reel can be easily clicked in and out of the rod and makes the reel sit perfectly in place during the entire fishing trip. All aluminum parts are treated with Hard Anodize which makes them resistant to corrosion and salt water. All snake rings are made of 100% aluminium. Rod and handle are matt black with details in silver.


The Zense blades are covered by ASI's Lifetime Guarantee* for the rod's first owner.
The handles are insured under a separate 3-year warranty against material defects.

In addition to this, a "Rainy day-guarantee*" if you have a really bad day.
For example, if you accidentally slip and destroy your rod or accidentally slam it into the car door.

For this type of accident, ASI has one Replacement program which you can read more about HERE

*For the warranty to apply, you must register your rod within 60 days of purchase.

You do the registration HERE


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